Clean, reliable, low-cost and low-carbon energy is crucial to economic development and a sustainable energy future. As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the solar energy revolution, at double-digit rates worldwide. Solar growth will continue to soar in the coming years, across all its different applications – whether residential or commercial.


About half of the world’s manufactured energy becomes waste heat.

Heliix’s innovative heat recovery technology transforms this waste heat into electricity, making accessible and affordable renewable energy a reality.

Heliix’s goal is to create clean, secure and highly efficient energy solutions that bridge the gap between eco-sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

By introducing a series of innovative energy technologies, we aim to shape a sustainable society, one that coexists harmoniously with nature.


Rising retail electricity prices, coupled with ever-increasing demand, has created a significant and growing market opportunity for cleaner, cheaper energy. With PhaethonTM, Heliix takes aim at energy conservation, reducing a household’s demand on the grid and on fossil fuels. Strengthened by public policy, the availability of government subsidies and a rising flood of investment, companies, countries and whole economies are steadily reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and embracing clean and renewable energy.


Heliix was founded in the beginning of 2013, on an idea that transformed the way we think about renewable energy. Nick Arapkoules, who co-founded Heliix along with Panagiotis Papadiamantis and Anastasios Petrou, saw the vast unexploited energy source in solar thermal collectors, and decided to create a technology that uses it to produce clean, low cost electricity. By May of the same year, the technology to make his idea a reality was already under development, and by June of 2013 Heliix was officially born.

Heliix gained industry traction quickly, going from concept to launch within the span of 8 months, while winning recognition as one of the few startups working on groundbreaking tech that could change the world’s energy future. Heliix was selected to become a member of the Eurobank co-founded and sponsored E.G.G (enter•grow•go) accelerator program and received a patent for its groundbreaking technology, the innovation that started it all—the Phaethon™.

Since its official launch in the summer of 2013, Heliix received seed funding, expanded its team, conducted extensive market analysis, created a finalized prototype of the PhaethonTM and became an award winning company.

The Heliix team continues to develop new ideas and market applications, creating innovative technology that reshapes the energy sector.



was born in Athens in 1988. He is a graduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens – sector of Industrial Management and Operations Research. He has served as President of the Board at Polymixanos SA, a consulting and management firm specializing in energyefficiency, which offers the implementation, assessment and installation of energy systems, since 2010. He also serves as the Vice-president of Minds[ace


is The Guardian of Eses4 Ventures, an investment-holding company with international reach. One of his investments is Zee Launch Pad, the First Co-working Space in Jordan, providing a fertile and creative environment for freelancers, start-ups and Ventures to pursue their dream. In the past 25 years he has headed Regional (MENA) and International Groups in the investment, banking and commercial sectors. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree from George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. He is currently a Board Member of Tikyet Um Ali, (an NGO to Alleviate Hunger in Jordan), Member of the Board of Trustees at Global Thinkers Forum and Investor & Host Member of Toniic.


was born in Athens in 1990. She graduated from the Product and Systems Design Engineering Department of the University of the Aegean. She participated in Central Saint-Martins’ (College of Arts and Design, London 2012) “100 Design Projects” summer school, and in the University of the Aegean’s in “The Box” (Athens, 2013) exhibition of industrial design. She has participated in several design competitions, including the Animasyros Festival (Greece, Syros 2012 ) and in the international design competition “Hand on Door Handles” held by Colombo Design company (Italy, 2011). She was previously a branding designer at 2 South Training Hall.


was born in Athens in 1980. He has a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences and he is currently enrolled in the Management and Optimization of Energy Systems Msc program of the same school. He has worked on numerous projects, either as a contractor or as a scientific partner, undertaking electomechanical design and construction responsibilities.